Early Orthodontics

Sealy-Orthodontics-Early-OrthodonticsMany parents wonder what is the best age to start seeing the orthodontist? Typically, the best age to make your first visit to the orthodontist is six or seven years old. This is about the age when the permanent molars and incisors start coming in.

This is the perfect time to have our orthodontics do an orthodontic screening to determine what orthodontic treatment is needed if any.  They will evaluate cross-bites, crowding, and other problems during the exam.

When will I know if my child is in need of orthodontic treatment?

There is no exact sign that you can personally see letting you know that your child needs treatment. There are other factors that contribute to treatment that cannot be clearly seen. Then there are some issues that look terrible but will work themselves out without treatment. Our doctors will be able to help answer these questions and provide the proper treatment for your child.

By starting treatment at this early stage, our Sealy orthodontics can guide the growth of the jaws and incoming permanent teeth. Early treatment can also regulate the following:

  • Width of the upper and lower dental arches
  • Gain space for incoming permanent teeth
  • Avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions (in most cases)
  • Reduce the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
  • Correct thumb-sucking
  • Eliminate abnormal swallowing
  • Eliminate potential speech problems

In other words, early treatment can simplify treatment later down the road.

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