There are many orthodontic appliances that help straighten your teeth, but you need to practice a good regime to generate the best results. Sealy Orthodontics and our staff can help guide you through the treatment process.

Below are a few of the appliances we offer at Sealy Orthodontics.

Elastics or Rubber Bands

Rubber bands or elastics improve the positioning of your upper and lower teeth. Use rubber bands correctly to maximize the benefits.

Palatal Expander

This treatment helps to expand the upper jaw by gently pressing against the molars. Our doctors will instruct you on how and when to adjust the expander. Once the teeth have moved to the correct position, you will need to wear the appliance for some additional time to let your teeth get used to their new position!

Herbst Appliances

This type of appliance is sometimes used to correct a severe overbite.  This appliance works by gently pulling on your teeth to move the lower jaw forward.


Retainers hold your teeth in their new position once the teeth have been straightened, and can be removable or fixed. Be sure to listen to follow our doctors treatment plan to avoid teeth shifting over time. Sometimes, retainers can even be used to correct very minor movement of the teeth after braces.

Hawley Retainer and Fixed Retainer