Orthodontics For Adults

Are you embarrassed with crooked and misaligned teeth as an adult and wonder if there are adult orthodontics? Maybe you had braces at a young age, but now your teeth have migrated producing overcrowding. If you are tired of your smile not being as beautiful as it should be and your confidence has taken a back seat at social functions, then it may be time to talk to our doctors.

Adult Orthodontic Patients

Did you know that one out of five orthodontic patients are over the age of 30? It’s true! More Americans are getting their teeth straightened these days than ever before. The reason is that the technology has improved over the years. There are wonderful options, such as Invisalign or clear ceramic braces, that are less noticeable and may even have a shorter treatment time! Adult treatment is designed with the user in mind, making the appliances more comfortable.

We Work With Your Dentist

Our orthodontists will work closely with your dentist and other dental healthcare providers to provide you with the best adult orthodontics treatment in Sealy. Why wait any longer? Take the first step to a new you. Get the smile that you’ve always wanted – today!

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