About Braces

For the vast majority of our orthodontic patients, wearing braces will be a major part of treatment.  These braces, for the most part, will be the familiar silvery metal kind.  However, while they are still our most popular choice, they aren’t the only braces we have at Sealy Orthodontics!  Our office uses braces by American Orthodontics, a company well known for their made in America, high quality products.

Colorful Braces

Metal braces are a great choice, and our most popular option.  The ability to change colors at each appointment can be a fun bonus of treatment.  Check out Paint Your Smile to create you custom smile colors!

Sealy-Orthodontics-BracesCosmetic Braces

Our cosmetic braces are made from clear ceramic and are an excellent alternative for our patients who may not be an ideal candidate for Invisalign, but want a more aesthetic option than our traditional metal braces.